The story of Walton Ranch began in 1958. Geologist Paul Walton and his wife Betty purchased 1,740 acres along the Snake River with the proceeds from some of Paulís legendary oilfield discoveries in the Middle East and U.S.
At the time of the purchase several hundred acres were swampland, but the coupleís vision for the land and their dedication to a vast reclamation project eventually turned the Walton Ranch into the viable hay production and working cattle ranch it is today.
Over the years, Paul and Betty Walton created one of the most breathtaking, open expanses of private ranchland in Jackson Hole and one of the most authentic working ranches in the American West.
To protect the ranchís unique qualities - spectacular views, pristine natural resources, abundant wildlife - the Waltons placed it under conservation easement with the Jackson Hole Land Trust in 1983.
That decision was a watershed moment in private land conservation. The gift of the Walton Ranch is the second-largest private conservation effort in Teton County history, second only to the Rockefeller familyís gift of Grand Teton National Park.
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